There is no better way to experience the beauty of the St. Lawrence River than from the bow of a boat. The spray in your face- the wind in your hair- its a feeling like no other. The magnificence of the sparkling water, set off by the picturesque islands, offers a potent reminder of why the 1000 Islands has long been the choice of vacationers from around the world. Take off and try tubing, head out on water skies. Explore the islands, and stop for a quick swim or picnic.

Be sure to bring your own boat. Clayton makes it easy to get your boat into the water. The village provides a public launch and docking at many points along the river including a 200-foot floating dock complex in front of the Village.

Clayton also has a number of well-equipped full service marinas where you can buy gas, supplies, dock for the evening, or rent watercraft ranging from kayaks to canoes and small fishing boats to houseboats to pontoon “party boats”.

If you don’t have your own boat, you can enjoy the guided pleasures of a boat tour aboard a double-decker tour boat. The scenic vessels leave Clayton throughout the day, and travel beneath the 1000 Islands Bridge to near-by Alexandria Bay and its romantic Boldt Castle, and around the islands into Canada. You’ll view the extraordinary island homes built by the privileged of yesteryear especially along millionaire’s row, and learn about Clayton’s colorful past filled with bootleggers, pirates and local “river rats”. Perhaps you would prefer a private, personalized tour where you can try a day of “rivering” with a local guide on his private boat. With just your own friends and family aboard, your tour can be as personalized as you like.

CLICK HERE to view a listing of area marina’s and boat rentals.

If you would like to bring your yacht into our port for the day or even a week, please call the Village of Clayton at (315) 686-5552 to make arrangements.

In 2008 Clayton was visited by the 164′ Lady M, the 192-foot Blue Moon, the 172-foot Battered Bull and the 112-foot New Moon II.